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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 13, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> does it have a red crest? >> i think that's the way the sun is setting. >> isn't that big? >> oh, there goes. >> now gone. >> speaking of big bird. >> big bird, just might walk through that door today. >> never know. >> you know big bird wouldn't fit through that ugly door. >> big bird matches the door, though. >> i used to data woman, hi, lauren? did you call her big bird? >> no, but she was in the traveling troop of sesame street live. which is in town now. >> really? >> yes. where is sesame street life? is it at wells fargo? >> liacouras center temple campus. >> can someone tell big bird to stop by maybe? >> she was really good dancer. >> oh, the one you should have married? >> let's not talk about that.
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>> you always are saying -- >> true. probably should v but that was a long time ago. anyway. >> sore. >> i very good dancer. she at work. >> even worse. >> very good dancer, and she played cookie monster. >> yes? >> and they would travel the country. and she started dating the guy that was inside the big bird outfit. >> dang. you got jumped for big bird? >> no, in this was before me. >> oh, welshing everybody loves big bird. >> and even more interesting than that, this is inapropriate. >> what's new? >> mike? >> what, big bird? >> was with big bird. >> they were not in their costumes. >> thanks for clarifying that. >> but you don't want to follow a guy named big, you know? >> sure dow don't. >> well, sex in the city. big, he was main character. everyone loved big. >> why did they call him big? >> big personal any, everything larger than life. her big love.
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>> polly anna over here. >> it is wednesday, april the 13th, 2016. do you see something wrong with a photo we're about to put up? what is it? one mom is sharing it on social media to warn parents, what she says happened in these cribs that almost cost her son his life. what's wrong with that? okay. >> and sex in the fifth grade? one local mom says it is happening. she is talking to her young kids about it now. and she says you should get talking soon. and we continue to celebrate good day's 20th anniversary. who is going to be behind the door today? i'll give you guys a hint. >> okay? >> the person is unbreakable. >> unbreakable. is it a superhero? >> man of steel. >> good guess. >> unbreakable. >> okay. >> all right, let's get back to this other story. we met this woman. she is cool. local mother is floored,
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upset, by a nasty note, someone left at her house about her little boy. >> she says that used harsh language to describe her three year old son who has autism. her name is bonnie moran, she said her son ryan faces charles innings every day, people who know this are compassionate. but one of her neighbors was everything but casino leaving a nasty note. in it the writer called ryan a brat, because he was noisy and quote acting like a wild animal. and scaring that person's quote normal children. >> oh, lord. >> bonnie posted the letter on social media, thankfully has received a lot of support from everyone. another neighbor said her child has never been a problem. >> it is to has never been, i've been here what 50 years. so, you know, nothing, so it disturbs me really. >> good guy. nice neighbor. bonnie says her hope is that people who hear her story will think before they speak or write anything.
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because these words have an impact on everybody in her family. >> you know, you used to always say stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. of course they hurt. you can't take them back. they sting sometimes when they say things. >> they came in the studio today. >> and ryan is just so cute, so lively. and the thing is, all it takes is just a conversation. he just walk over over and talk to your neighbor, she would explain the situation. but the fact, someone who lives near her family. that would hurt me as a mother. one thing about my family, you're in my vicinity, like i live near you. she said she lives in the house, parent had that house, been in the neighborhood for years, thought they new everybody. >> and we met the mom and dad, little ryan, and don't you know, the parent know he is a handful. >> right. >> they don't need a note to remind them of it. come on, people. >> here is the thing. do you have hand it to her and her family the fact they didn't take it, of course she was upset but the way she
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handled it, instead of doing what they did, and i am mature thing, instead hey i want to be together a day where everybody in the community at this can come together learn about a child with autism, learn about these things, we don't have these things. >> great she is doing that. >> some ignorant people out there. did you live in a dorm at mizzoo? >> i sure did, community, that means, the girls are on one side, boys on the other. and there is bathrooms with like eight showers lined up, you had to shower. the thing is my room where, it was right at the end of the girls side of the hall. >> me too. >> so i had to walk past the boys to get to the bathroom. my little bathrobe or whatever. >> oh,. >> ya. >> oh, no. didn't that real? so first at the beginning i was my gosh, check and make sure there were no boys in the hallway, run to the bathroom, after a while hey, how are you doing, what's up, yep, going to the bathroom, see you soon. see when you i come out. >> did you ever run down there in a towel? >> ya. what do you mean? i mean, i guess could you.
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>> i can't imagine you. >> what are you trying to say? well, you could like bring your clothes, but there are only so many place toss put them. >> in the shower, yes you. >> don't want your clothes on the floor, you don't hoe how clean it is, wear flip flops. >> but you had your own bathroom? >> , no that's what i am saying. >> hold on. >> community bathroom. >> no way. >> it is a community style dorm. you didn't have that? >> i had that. >> yes, where you have all of these things, and we had like little sing in our room but that was it. to go to the bathroom, shower, anything, you had to go down the hall, past some of the boys. >> but go into the bathroom and there are men in there? >> no. >> that's what you are saying? >> the women had their own bathroom, i didn't have my own, all of the women on my side of the floor. >> oh, that would be a wild picture. >> he got nervous. >> you know what i was saying, lauren, i thought you were roving it is my bathroom, it is our. >> never know. hill bill that's go to mizzoo. >> what are you trying to say? >> have outhouse. >> my gosh. >> would you like to live in a dorm again?
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>> no. >> some new yorkers are doing that, and they're called adult dorms. the company, it is called we live. just open up a location in new york city. >> oh, where older people are living with roommates, or by themselves, in hopes to make good connections with others. communal bathrooms, not like bathrooms at mizzo06789, but happy hour gatherings, cooking classes. >> fun. >> critics say sharing space is only good as a person's roommate. >> oh, that's true. 100%. >> yes, my favorite story from college, ready? quick. i come to the room. the door won't open. i'm like but this is my -- you know, do you have look a double take, put the key back in. my roommate had wedged my chair from my desk. up underneath the door. >> what are they doing to get in there? >> then later told me, hey, i used your chair.
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>> for? >> that's all she said. >> i used your chair? >> communal living. >> i do have to say though, i was in the dorm, community style, were other once suites style, you get your own bathroom, mike, just you and your roommate share a bathroom. and i enjoyed having the community, like sense of community, because we didn't like your rooms, so small, cramped, you were always out in the hall whales, always doing stuff with other people. it forced to you to go out, working your sleep style, meeting people, don't ad need to go out. >> was it tough, only child, having to spare space, beds, lynn innocence. >> different. >> i enjoyed it because you weren't lonely. and i had a really great roommate. her name was top dipika. >> like dipika kansas? >> no. i had a great roommate we were really good friend, that's the point. >> some horror stories happen.
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>> oh, yes. >> one time i went to the library at the university of kansas, my roommate and i steve and i went up. and the roommates, or the people on the dorm floor, took every, somehow got into our room, i think the ra let them n they took every single thing out of the room, beds, furniture, books, there was absolutely bear. where was all of this stuff? in the bathroom. >> in the bathroom? >> yes. community bathroom. >> oh, my gosh. >> anyway, we're celebrating 20 years of good day philadelphia. let's take a trip down memory lane watch do you say? >> let's do it. >> to april fools day when we fooled everyone that i was actually running for the mayor of philadelphia. >> boom. >> over 15 years ago, brought me to the city of philadelphia, it has become so much mower than a career move, has become my home. and the people who live here are my family.
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every morning as i watch the sunrise, i see the potential in our city. vote for me for mayor. and i promise you, we, as a city, will realize our potential. >> mike jerek for mayor. >> that's beautiful. >> very well done. >> people believed it. >> oh, oh. >> the ugly door is ringing. >> don't talk about the door like that. >> oh. >> look who it is. >> so cool. >> ♪ . past. >> how fun is this?
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>> i know. >> elmo. >> alex, lauren, rag going to do the interview? >> course we will. first we have to thank our sponsors sesame street live for letting them come by, right? >> of course. >> you know they don't talk. >> but we're still going to talk to them. , we are can just -- can i tickle you? >> cookie. can i have a hug. >> how about that, sue? >> oh, so sweet. >> cookies, do you have any cookie's you ate them all? have you tried a philadelphia cheese steak? no? elmo likes them. elmo says thumbs-up. i have another question, elmo. alex want to know where you most tickling, armpit, stomach or feet? all of them? oh, feet. cookie says feet. feet, feet, feet. here you go, here you go. >> hey, where can we see them? >> the lee cora center. wait, cookie monster you were
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in a commercial the other day. hold on, let's watch this. >> maybe it is coming? common. >> hey, siri, set timer for 14 minutes. >> okay, 14 minutes from counting. >> what do you think for cookies? waiting for cookies. hey, siri, play list. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> me so hungry for cookie. >> ♪
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>> ridiculous. >> oh, i love it, you're a tv star. okay, so excited, liacouras center, we can see you guys. >> tonight, tomorrow? when is it? >> tomorrow. >> tomorrow, way to go, cookie. the 17th. thanks guys for coming by. you don't have to go back to the door. you can just run out the house. >> run out the house. there they go. >> hey, sue. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> now he gets to meet the sesame street guys, elmo, cookie monster.
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well, that magic is happening. we're going to take quick look at the seven day forecast. because it looks really good. we can celebrate this one, unlike last week, 59 degrees today, with sunshine, and in fact sunshine every single day, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday. by monday, we have warmed up into the 70s, maybe some showers on tuesday of next week. but all-in-all, a fantastic forecast for the next seven days, mike anal next. >> hey, thanks a lot. will the 14 now. you know, as a parent of a couple of daughters, there is no conversation more awkward than the birds and the bees sometimes. >> and being on the receiving end that far talk, when you enter puberty, probably just as un comfortable. >> well, meet one sirita martin, mother of two, contributor to philly voice. penned an article about the conversation she had with her fifth grader, her daughter,
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about a serbs and with us right now. >> welcome to "good day" philadelphia. >> thank you for having me. >> what an article. i watched oprah in the pass, you know, and those shocking shows they would have about, you know, kids in fifth, sixth, seventh grade are having sex. kids in our community in the delaware valley fifth grade having sex. >> i mean, i don't think it is that far stretched in this day and age. >> no? >> when peng the article, one thing i found doing my research was the surveillance publication, that was done by the cdc. and it was in 2013, what they found was that 5.6% of kids in the nation were engaging in sex before the age of 13. i'm 27 years old. so, you know, at the time, let's see, when i was 13, i was probably in 2001, 2002, and at that age i remember people my age having sex. >> you do? >> did i? i thought about it, i
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definitely do. i was 12. >> twelve and 13 is. >> twelve i was definitely thinking about it because there was peer pressure, and i to be honest we lived in a very sexualized society. there is no doubt about that. and at that age you're impressionable, watching different videos, not only that but in school, kids talking about it, so with conversations with a kid, that's why it was really important for me to talk to my daughter, as a journalist i wanted to talk that opportunity to have a honest conversation with her. i was a teen mom, goal pregnant when i was 16, nowed out many at recall if you have a child on campus they will get awe apartment. >> did your mom talk to you? >> she definitely d she started early, i remember being six, seven, with my mom being honest with me about my body, about it functions. >> but you still got pregnant at 16. >> yes. but what i will credit though, andy get pregnant at 16 because i think we all understand with our kids, they are going to do things that you don't think they should be doing. they want to move fast.
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kids move on their own. there is that sense of it. but what i can credit my mom with doing is preparing me for the decision that i made. yes, i got pregnant at 16. but when i got pregnant at 16 i said you know what, i still have goals, i'll still go after them. i know what my responsibility is at this time. my mom informed me what i needed to do. >> how so have been what you have been through, how did it shape in the conversation you had with your caughter? >> i have two daughters, ten year old, seven years old. soap for me it is very important to be transparent. because there is going to comma day where she has already been able to do that, oh, well, you were 17 when you hud me. >> she is fifth grader. >> now. >> so we're talking about, i mean, wow. >> yes. >> you had the conversation about sex with her already. >> yes. >> already had that conversation. and it is funny the day that this article ran, was the day i end up having to have that conversation about the birds and the bees, the foundational
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conversation with my seven year old. so it was just funny because i'm like okay, this article just ran, and now i am having to have this. and i mean i think for parents what i would really like to put out there is that this conversation is only as awkward as you make it. okay? and for me, my kids know, mom, i like it laugh, i like to have fun, we're going it get gun to business, we're going to talk about the things we need to talk about because as a parent first my job is took mauer sure ' taken care of, protected, provided for, but also that you're self-sufficient in this world. so i view parenthood very much like every day that i send you out that door i am sending a message to the door, through my children, about what we believe, about how we view the world, about how we view ourselves. so i know that when my kids go out there i am not always there. they are being expose today a lot of things. and so, you know, with that dynamic, i want them to have the foundation of nobody this is the correct information, this is the truth. and not always getting that from their piers. >> when it comes to the conversation, i know notice
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article, did you have a question-and-answer, trying have have that conversation, did you start by asking help what's your understanding of sex, how do you feel about dating or do you start and saying this is how it should go? >> i would advise you never start with are you having sex, are you dating, do you have a boyfriend. imagine someone -- >> they want to know. >> and don't do. that will imagine someone coming to you and saying did you have sex last night? >> none of your business. >> you automatically get defensive. but if you fake a more rounds about way, oh, you know what, i remember when i was your age, and this is what i was -- do you ever feel that way? is that just me, was i weird? you know, you have to be relation until. put yourself in their shoes. >> i would do it during television shows or movies. >> right. >> where the isn't matter comes up, there are a couple of people having sex shall you start talking about it, but do you start with pluming? do you talk about body parts right when they're seven and eight? >> seven and eight, with my daughter it was funny because i started realizing as far as dating was happening, i feel
9:20 am
well what do you know about dating? well, what i know is that you, you know, usually boy and girl walking down the hallway, and he happens to run into her, she drops her books, she gave me whole movie feel of what dating is. and i said, well, first of all, what is the guy attracted her about her? she is likes oh, well because she is pretty, i said well what makes a girl pretty. so i kind of lead into the body. >> i tell you what do because we're out of time, where can people read the full article? questions and answer also remark job go to philly -- philly voice. com. just search conversations with kids. you can find it there. then also follow at the philly voice hashtag con vaux with kids. we want to know what are you talking about with your kids? what do you think through this column. >> good conversation. >> yes. >> good for you. >> nice to see you. >> thank for having me here. >> celebrating 20 years of this program. yes, we've been on 20 years, i know, it is a shock.
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>> yes, we have another surprise guest. >> what? >> oh, who is behind the door now? >> how will you topple mow? >> well, hold on. >> oh, this is good. come back, come back. >> i'm excited.
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elmo's got the moves. sesame street live let's dance has abby elmo and cookie monster dancing with you and your family! sesame street live let's dance playing liacouras center this weekend! tickets on sale now!
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>> we are hearing a student may have been involved in a stabbing. no words on the he can tent of the injuries, jay cook elementary in logan. we'll be sure to keep you updated. >> word of possible fight between student, not sure that's not been confirmed. we're send ago reporter up there right now. okay. 9:24. welcome back to "good day" philadelphia on this wednesday morning. there is the door. >> i love it. >> i'm going to get it. here we go.
9:25 am
>> okay. >> let's see. can i peak first? okay, i'm so excited about thisment oh, my gosh. it is -- be careful. >> hello! >> oh, my goodness. >> how are you? >> high. >> can i have a hug? so good to see you. have a seat. >> okay. >> welcome. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for helping us celebrate our 20th anniversary. >> happy 20th anniversary. >> you've been so bus. >> i back in a couple weeks and be even more busy. april 29th coming to the keswick theater. >> i love this. >> last time were you here i think last year around this time, so april is a special month. >> april is special month, spring time, every girl's favorite time to year, play with colors. >> and black. >> we have to catch up. i don't think you were engaged, honey. congratulations. >> who? >> beautiful. tell us about him.
9:26 am
>> doug. known him since college, it's been about two years. >> so you know what you are getting into. >> yes, good time. i'm excited. >> look at that ring. >> yes. >> beautiful. >> okay. >> how did he do it? >> at a studio in new york city, rooftop. outside, we had flowers all over the roof and he got down on one knee and i said yes. well, i screamed and shouted and jumped and then i said yes. >> oh,. >> what's so cool about this guy? >> my mom and dad like him. >> that matter. >> what's he do? >> music producer and manager for a few artists. >> i love. >> he's not your manager, is he? >> yes, he is. but my mom is my manager, so always family thing. >> planning a wedding now too? >> planning, such a big word. i like to say imagining. i'm imagining a wedding. >> so what's in your head? >> the castle, great gatsby theme. yes, very fun, and girly, and sparkly. >> even more than this, so much to catch up on. can we talk about your
9:27 am
magazine hone? your big. can we show it? everyone was like so excited about this. look at you! >> what's the idea of the body brigade? >> about body types and just loving yourself to who you are, a lot more self esteem issues even i realize in the woman community, so just really talk about it. and embrace everybody for what they look like. >> were you surprised at the reaction? so many people were like yes. like yaaaaas. >> incredibly surprised. i honestly didn't realize that body image and self confidence and self awareness was such a big issue at our age. i thought that was something you deal with in elementary and high school. but there are women who struggle with it, so i was excited to be able to talk about it. >> good for you. >> i'll buy you a cup of coffee if you would come back and sing. >> i'll come back and sing. >> oh, because she has new albumn. we will talk about that little later. your new single? >> yes, unbreakable. >> can't wait to hear it.
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>> we'll do that in a matter of minutes. thanks for coming by. >> thank you. >> coming up next on good day philadelphia. >> we will get to jen. still talking about body contouring watch are you contouring now, jen? >> okay, we will contour the decolette area. something you may want to do more often. come on back, by the way, how gorgeous her contour legs?
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welcome back, everybody. we have been talking about air brushing and make up, and, cheekbones. >> yes. >> legs. >> yeah, legs. >> now it is contour go to make your boobs look bigger. >> yes, i have taken notes. >> a little cleavage.
9:32 am
>> let's do this. >> that is, a dirty word, okay. okay. i'm kidding. how are you. melissa, how are you. the thing that is different we showed the less contouring in the 8:00 o'clock hour. we said it was just a bit ridiculous. >> right. >> this you do quite a lot, the area, do you enhance that when do you this. >> absolutely definitely more practical, as far as most women when they go out when they are wearing a gown they come in and we say is your gown strapless where is the line. then we get in the area and we blend and we contour and highlight that area. bring a little bit of emphasis there. >> it is almost like you made a neck tie out of something that was light. >> yes. >> exactly. >> what is that, that is there you are using some kind of what. >> that is a mixture of a light, sealer with a highlight are on top to give us more staying power. >> when you say highlighter,
9:33 am
shimmering stuff. >> yes, for the civilian for the audience, you are a positional. >> yes. >> you made this part darker, why. >> because dark takes away. we almost want to cut in a little bit here. we want to emphasize here where collar bonus, do a little bit of depth in here, and it gives it more sculped look. >> you did the white in from the collar bone. >> um-hmm. >> you can see it. >> is what right kind of tool to use, for this type of process, military operation. >> you dampen it a little bit. >> which is like a sponge. >> yes, don't rub so much because then you defeat the whole purpose because then you mack it more transparent. >> you don't want to do too much. you want to have a little bit of the line. >> mike is worried about the chest area and a woman might have a strap less dress. >> correct. >> what do you do there. >> chest area for strap less you wanting to here, here a little bit with a little bit of contour and highlighter. would i do more contour.
9:34 am
>> is that dark or light. >> dark good contour when you see contour it will be dark, highlight to me is highlight, okay. so you will go in like this, and then do a is in little highlight, right along the shoulder, for a little bit. >> okay. >> i got a shim are. >> check it out. >> especially spending time in the gym working the shoulder. >> and some of the things you can do if you don't have a a super pair of military make up operation in your kit. >> right you can use a darker eye shadow or use different types of just regular foundation. >> correct. >> so you can always go to the drugstore and go buy a dark concealer, and you can buy a shadow, white shimmering shadow and you can play with that and use it just to get the same effect. >> do you like concealer better than foundation because it is thicker. >> i do, i'll be honest, i do. >> and this is the thing she obviously can look like this the rest of the day. we have talk about it the with the leg where are you going to sit but you are used to not
9:35 am
leaning all the way into give someone hugs and kisses. >> right. >> is this something would you do on a weekend night. >> absolutely. >> totally do on a week even night. >> i love it. thank you very much. thank you very much. guys, back to you in the studio. >> jen, thank you. >> we need more make up. >> we got it. >> back it up. >> yeah. >> by the way we have more details on that situation, listen to this, this happened over in jay cook elementary school. two, eighth grade girls, 28th grade girls got in the fight and apparently one of them stabbed the other one about 8:30 this morning. >> shoulder and arm. victim does not appear to be in critical condition but was transported to einstein medical center and other girl involve in the fight is in custody. >> we will have more details on fox and, of course on the five, 6:00 and 10:00 o'clock news for you.
9:36 am
all right. >> what is next to your baby's crib. >> one mother find out the hard way. >> it is dangerous. >> we need her set up. >> for her two cribs and she said it could have been deadly for her son. we will talk bit. >> okay, all right. narrator: why have president obama and vice president biden
9:37 am
endorsed katie mcginty for us senate? because she's a "champion for working families." katie mcginty will take on the republicans and protect social security and medicare. and mcginty will work for equal pay for women - because families depend on it. for the april 26th democratic primary, president obama supports katie mcginty. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message,
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because it's your turn to get ahead.
9:39 am
one mother has a warning for other parent and she's posting this terrifying story that happened inside her house on facebook. >> so here's a photo the owe allison johnson posted. you can see two cribs side by side. she put her 18 month-old twins
9:40 am
down for a nap but then she heard crying. she said somehow her son had climbed out of the crib and got stuck in the space, in between the two cribs. >> that little space. >> yeah, holding on with his arms, stopping himself from certain hanging there. twins now sleep on opposite sides with no other furniture nearby so that won't happen again. >> he was hanging by his neck basically. >> he was holding himself up by his arms but babies after a while his arms will give out and she was afraid he would have hung himself. i was telling mike, my niece's cribs were set up exact same way. they would be standing staring at each other. it can easily happen. you want them to be close to each other. that is very scarry they are trying to climb over. >> just to see each other. >> hi. >> and a lot have people were saying on the blog parents put a changing table abe dresser next to the crib. but even that. >> don't do that. >> even that is a space that
9:41 am
something can happen. >> i told chris would i get her a cup of coffee if she sang for us. we're out of coffee. in the commercial break i did a cake. >> you did one better. >> look at the this. >> basically the sky line. this is what i was looking for. the basically the sky line of philadelphia and the bridge and good day, happy 20th anniversary. >> the cake that you made to give to her. >> reminder she's one of our 20 surprise guests. >> yes. >> we have to say, best wishes, congratulations on 20 years, with a sweep anniversary. >> breadbeck's. >> your friend at breadbeck's. >> yes, would you like some of this cake? >> thank you. >> now you have to sing. >> yah, yah, yah. >> don't tease me. >> yeah. e
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9:43 am
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i'm going to ask you a personal question, don't get upset with me. the fact that you have kid hanging around why don't you have school. get them out of the school. >> here we go. >> how often do you have sex over a week's time? >> um. >> um. >> well, a new study. >> well, a parentally you two will not answer. >> are you going to answer. >> heck, no. >> why do you want to know all that. >> because i found a new study reveals some things about your
9:45 am
relationship, the number of times, you, boom. >> you did indeed. >> yes. >> boom, boom, room. >> so tell me once a week. >> most of us are in the once a week range in this country and couples who do that tend to be happy. >> what about people that do more. >> you know, a at my age i'm a down to once a week, and i don't care about it, just once is enough. that is enough. >> make it good. >> make it real good. >> yes. >> make it real good. >> believe it or not. >> yes good they are happier then people that do it every day. you ever run into those people i have sex every day. you are a liar. >> i don't think they are lying. >> well, here's the thing you enjoy it, because you are getting it so much. >> it is getting it the out of the way. you are like, okay, yes. >> by the end of this survey says the happiest couples are the ones that do it three or four times a week.
9:46 am
that gets tedious, doesn't it. >> for who, you? >> well, for you. >> i'm alone when i'm doing it. >> mike. >> doh. >> yes. >> do you want to weigh in on this. >> no. >> well, she credits beyonce as her manager. >> well, yes. >> she kept looking over here. >> she has the eyes. >> you know what i mean. >> when i went to deliver the cake to the green room the door was lock. >> yes. >> i was jiggling. >> well, it was just cleaned. >> i'm just saying. >> okay, all right. >> are you still with us. >> yes. >> she's still performing. >> yeah.
9:47 am
>> i'm just listening. >> yes. >> we will be listening to you sink in a little bit. you have a new album is what the title. >> milestone. >> why are you calling it milestone. >> ten years, i just started my own record label in this country. it has been a milestone year for me. >> we are seeing it april 29th. >> i will be at keswick theater here in philadelphia a and june 10th my album comes out so you can preorder it now and listen to all ages. >> we were talking about the album, what kind of songs, you say it will be like upbeat, up tempo, fun. >> exactly. there is a dress called on the web site milestone and i want everybody to come happy and ready to have a good time. >> put on your happy face. >> yes. >> this single is called unbreakable why. >> because i work, gotten gauge and it the is my reason for doing what i do. >> reason we all should be looking for that unbreakable have love. >> yes. >> can we see you, and sound track. >> thank you.
9:48 am
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>> wow, love it. love it. >> thank you. the tthan the bottom have mo100 million americans.nt how does that happen? well, they use lobbyists to get special tax breaks. my plan -- close the tax loopholes and make them pay their fair share. seniors who've worked hard deserve the opportunity to stay independent, pay their bills, and most of all, enjoy their grandchildren. it's time to bring back a basic american value -- fairness. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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>> ♪ >> okay. >> all night. >> it sounds good singing there. >> can't wait for a new empire, i will be live tweeting alex holley fox 29 and send me your comments on our facebook page as we will have our empire wrap tomorrow we will discuss hot moments. >> have you booked this segment yet, alex. >> yes, i have. >> do you want to give us a a teaser. >> yes. >> yes, i have. >> quincy harris will be on, talking about it and yaz's
9:54 am
mother we will bring her back. >> yes. >> i think, i'm in the sure, i did a story with y az and what we have been through, and on empire. really, on our 10:00 o'clock news. and rereeling something about himself. >> yes. >> one on one. >> listen to you. >> she has the tea. >> tea is good with cake. >> cake, cake, cake, cake. >> lauren has been eating this cake. >> i just want icing. >> we only have one rose. >> i rose by any other -- what is that line. >> taste sweeter. >> lets get back to megan fox, as we brought her up yesterday. >> yes. >> so people have been wondering, who is the dad because she is separated or divorced. >> i believe she got divorced from her ex-brian austin green. >> so she posted on instagram a picture of her recent
9:55 am
co-star. >> wait a minute. >> yes. >> she says not the father. >> not the father. >> not, not, not, not. >> lets get to porsche williams from dish nation. maybe she knows who is the daddy. >> who is the daddy. >> isn't that what we all want to know, it is just a scandal to find out someone other than brian is the father. so recently, she sent out, this versace dress and that led to these speculation that is she's pregnant. there is a beautiful baby bump here. we are getting here at dish nation that she filed for divorce from brian austin green, you know, back in september, and anyway they were together for five years citing irreconcilable differences. but we are getting word that in fact it is brian's baby a and that the two are working on that are marriage and they are now living together again. >> so porsche... >> it is a beautiful situation for them.
9:56 am
>> how beautiful, the actors getting back together. do you ever winning back around, and pay a visit to your ex if you know what i mean. >> recycling. >> it could be dangerous as you can see here. whether they decide to stay married or not they are lock in again. they already have two kid, this is third one for them. i don't know maybe it is strategic on her part maybe she wants all of the kid to have the same father. get last one in before the divorce is final. >> porsche, you look fantastic. >> you always look fantastic good fantastic. >> thank you. >> my favorite story of the day, le brandon slipped in and got busted. >> yes, it goes down, but you would think these men would listen to the song. if you are married, you cannot be telling people is what up and that is what lebron did. now rachel bush is a a very pretty girl but unfortunately for lebron she wants to put
9:57 am
these men on complete blast. hey, what is up. she posted the screen shot of this dm on social media and say what up. you know, it is just very embarrassing for lebron, and you know, he is married. she has done this before to another patriots player, and she put these men on blast. i say stay out of the dm's. >> inn a what is up, it is casual but anytime you go on those dm you know what you're trying to do. >> yes good put it public. >> and rachel's picture again. >> i have never seen this before. >> get another look. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> that picture is so small. >> we're going to find out, let her tell it. >> we will see you this afternoon. >> all right, thank you. >> let's digging into this cake. >> yes.
9:58 am
>> finally. >> thanks. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
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live from new york city dwb it's "the wendy williams show." >> the kids will play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> have a seat. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ ♪ >> now, here's wendy. ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] . >> thank you for watching. here we go. my cohosts, my studio audience. how you doing?


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